The Number-Making Singular and Plural

1.4.a-The Number-Making Singular and Plural


Making Singular and Plural

A list of some important words:

a. Singular noun + s. ( cat- cats, book-books, madam-madams / mesdames etc)

b. Singular ending ---s / ss/ sh / ch /x / z / + es. (Prince-princes, fox- foxes, bench- benches, bus- buses). Exception: monarchs, stomachs, oxen.

c. Singular ending ---f / fe, changes into—ves. ( half- halves, knife- knives, leaf- leaves, grief- grieves,)    Exception: chief- chiefs, dwarf- dwarfs, roof- roofs.

d. Consonant + y changes into consonant + ies ( army- armies, baby- babies, city- cities) but vowel + y takes only –s ( boy- boys, ray- rays, way- ways).

e. Consonant + o takes ‘es’ in plural. ( buffalo- buffaloes, mango- mangoes, hero-heroes ) but vowel + o takes ‘s’ in plural (bamboo-bamboos, studio-studios) Exception: canto- cantos, photo- photos, halo- halos)

f. Irregular plural: man- men, foot- feet, mouse- mice, louse- lice, tooth- teeth, goose- geese, ox- oxen.

g. Compound nouns: Brother-in-law--- brothers-in-law, Englishman – Englishmen, Fisherman- fishermen, German- Germen, Handful- handfuls, Bookcase- bookcases.



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