Subject verb agreement-Rules 9-17

b. Subject verb agreement-Rules 9-17

Subject Verb Agreement

Subject এবং verb এর মধ্যে number এবং person অনুযায়ী মিল বা সম্পর্ক থাকলে তাকে subject verb agreement বলে। নিম্নে কিছু নিয়ম বর্ণনা করা হলো:

Rule 9: Gerund/ Infinitive/ that clause: Gerund দিয়ে Sentence শুরু হলে Verb/ Pronoun Singularহবে। Example: 1. Smoking in open daylight (is) highly harmful for health and (it) should be stopped. / 2. Drinking sufficient milk (keeps) our brain cool.

Rule 10: Sub+V+ One of+N/P+who+verb plural , Sub+V+the one of+N/P + who+verb singular, Sub+V+ only one of+ N/P+who+verb singular. Example: Carlos is the only one of those students who (has) proved (his) performance. /  Hartford is one of those cities that (are) working hard to reclaim a riverfront. / He is one of the employees who (work) overtime regularly.

Rule 11: A number + Plural verb, The number + singular verb. Example: A number of students (have) submitted (his/her/their) assignments. / The number of agitating people (is) not negligible and (it) should be reduced.

Rule 12: One of + plural noun/ pronoun + verb singular. Example: One of my instructors (has) written a letter of recommendation for me. / One of my best friends (is) an extra on Seinfeld this week. [Seinfeld is an American sitcom that originally ran for nine seasons on NBC, from 1989 to 1998.]

Rule 13: Percentage (শতকরা) বা Fraction (ভগ্নাংশ) থাকলে: i. Noun/ Pronoun -Uncountable/Singular হলে verb/pronoun -singular হবে। ii. Noun/Pronoun টি countable এবং plural হলে- verb/pronoun -plural হবে। Example: Two-fifths of the troops (were) lost in the battle. / Two-fifths of the vineyard (was) destroyed by fire. / Forty percent of the students (are) in favor of changing the policy. / One third of the milk ( has) lost (its) food value.

Rule 14: কোন Noun/Pronoun এর পূর্বে not-----/but not/and not থাকলে তা (noun/pronounটি) subject গণনার ক্ষেত্রে বাদ যাবে। Example: It is not the faculty members but the president who (decides) this issue (himself). / The department members but not the chair (have) decided not to teach on Valentine’s Day. / It was the speaker and not his ideas that ( has) provoked the students to riot.

Rule 15: Amount of Time, Money, Distance সর্বদা Singular. Example: Two and two (is) four. / Four years (is) a long time to spend away from your friends and family. / Four times four divided by two (is) eight. / “jaws”, a movie about sharks, (was) seen by a record number of people and (it) (was) a thriller.

Rule 16: কিছু কিছু Noun যারা দেখতে Plural-এর মত, অথচ Meaning -Singular তাদের Verb/ Pronoun- Singular হবে। আবার কিছু কিছু Noun যারা দেখতে Singular-এর মত, অথচ  Meaning -plural তাদের verb/ pronoun - plural হবে। Example: People (are) highly astonished seeing such a good performance from such an amateur. / Mathematics (is) a very easy subject but (it) needs a lot of practice. /  Measles (has) become less common in the United States and (it) will be extinct shortly.

Rule 17: One হলে অবশ্যই (possessive pronounহিসেবে) One’s হবে। তবে No one থাকলে his/her হবে। Example:  One should respect one’s teachers. /  No one should leave away his/her homework.


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