Subject verb agreement-Rules 18-26

c. Subject verb agreement-Rules 18-26

Subject Verb Agreement

Subject এবং verb এর মধ্যে number এবং person অনুযায়ী মিল বা সম্পর্ক থাকলে তাকে subject verb agreement বলে। নিম্নে কিছু নিয়ম বর্ণনা করা হলো:

Rule 18: Relative Pronoun যার পরিবর্তে বসবে, তার অনুযায়ী Pronoun/ verb হবে। Example: It is Tanha who (has) solved (her) problem.

Rule 19: কোন Sentence-এ and দ্বারা একধিক  Noun/Pronoun যুক্ত থাকলে  verb/Pronoun-টি plural হবে। Example:  The blacksmith and the pub owner (step) forward. / Rafiq and Kamrul (are) going to find the new syllabus for (their) next semesters. তবে,

i) একই রকম/রীতি, ধারণা বুঝালে বা একই ব্যক্তিকে বুঝালে; যেমন- Bread and butter/ Time and tide /Horse and carriage/ Beauty and lovely / Soup and salad / Tea and coffee / Honesty and integrity এরা singular হিসেবে বসে, সুতরাং  verb/pronoun -singular হবে। কিন্তু, আলাদা আলাদা বুঝালে Verb/ pronoun -plural হবে। Example:  Rice and beans, my favorite dish, (reminds) me of my native Puerto Rico for (its) good test. /  The student newspaper and the student council (meet) on Tuesday afternoons and the speaker will trace out the relationship between (them).

ব্যক্তিবাচকের ক্ষেত্রে--- The principal and the secretary are coming to submit their proposals.(ভিন্ন ভিন্ন ব্যক্তি)/ The principal and secretary is coming to submit his proposal.(একই ব্যক্তি)

Rule 20: Correlative Conjunction: Either --------or---------- / Neither-------- not--------- / Not only ----------- but also--------থাকলে Verb-এর নিকটবর্তী  subject অনুযায়ী verb/ pronoun হবে। Example: Either an atlas or an almanac (is) sure to have the answer to your question about the topography of Mexico. / Not only the spider but also all other arachnids (have) four pairs of legs which have made (them) distinguished from other species. / Neither the teacher nor the students (seem) to understand this assignment. / Either the Committee on Course Design or the committee on college Operations (decides) these matters. /  (Has) either my father or my brothers made a down-payment on the house?

বি:দ্র:-এখানে Verb এর নিকটবর্তী  subject-My father অনুযায়ী verb-has হয়েছে।

Rule 21: Each, every, either, neither, many a/an এরা সরাসরি  singular verb/pronoun গ্রহন করে। Example: Each of them (asks) him many questions in (his/her) turn. / Everybody in the class (has) done (his/her) home work well in advance. / Neither of my two suitcases (is) adequate for this trip. / Many a lawyer (takes) his/her seat in the courtroom.

Rule 22: No+body, thing,one /Every+body,thing,one / Some+ body,thing,one / Any+ body,thing,one +Singular verb. Example:  Everyone has done (his/her) homework. /  Somebody (has) left (her) purse. / Anybody was capable of doing (his/her) duty.

Rule 23: No/None+plural Noun/Pronoun+plural verb/ pronoun. Example: None of them (claim) responsibility for this incident. / None of the students (have) done (their) homework.

Rule 24: Several, few, many, other, others এরা সরাসরি plural verb গ্রহণ করে। Example: Few of the apples (are) still hanging on the tree and a thief was looking at (them). /  Several of the children (were) painting the wall with (their) fingers./ Several (were) present in the meeting

Rule 25: Some, more, most, rest, all, majority, minority, a lot of, a great deal of এরা যে Noun কে নির্দেশ করে তা অনুযায়ী  verb/ pronoun হবে। অর্থাৎ- এরা+ Non-count Noun হলে  verb/ pronoun -Singular হবে। এরা+ Plural Noun/pronoun হলে verb/pronoun Plural হবে। Example:  Most of the milk (has) gone bad and (it/them) should be thrown away. Six cans of milk (are) / still in the refrigerator and two of (them/her/his) (are) damaged. / Some of the grain (has) gone bad. / Some of the cake (was) left on the table. / Some of the boxes (were) opened and thrown in the trash.

Rule 26: Here , there এর পরবর্তী Noun অনুযায়ী Verb/Pronoun হবে। Example: There (is) a list of committee members on the head-table and the president hung (it) himself. /  There (are) two reasons for this mishap and each of (them) should be analyzed.


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