Voice Change-Assertive-Basic

1. Voice Change-Assertive-Basic

Assertive Sentence

Voice change (Active থেকে Passive) করতে প্রাথমিক ভাবে ৪ টি কাজ করতে হয়:

1. Active এর Object কে Passive এর Subject করতে হয়

2. পরিবর্তিত subject এর পর Auxiliary Verb বসানো

Note: Auxiliary Verb বসানোর কৌশলঃ



PV present রুপে থাকলে

am / is / are

PV past রুপে থাকলে

was / were

PV টি ing যুক্ত থাকলে

ঐ Tense এরই Auxi + being

have / has / had

have / has / had + been

shall / will / should /may/ can/must/ be going to/have to etc (Modal Auxiliary)

shall / will / should /may/ can/must/be going to/have to etc (Modal Auxi) + be

3. PV এর past participle বসানো

4. Active এর Subject কে passive এ by + object (সাধারণত: by)করা




1. We learn English

English is learnt by us.

2. John saw the man

The man was seen by John

3.  Hasan is taking tea

Tea is being taken by Hasan.

4. The student has done the sum.

The sum has been done by the student.

5. Della can cook rice

Rice can be cooked by Della

6. I am going to read the story

The story is going to be read by me.


Some important things:



do not / does not (e.g. : He does not take tea)

am not / is not /are not (e.g. :Tea is not taken by him)

did not (e.g. : He did not take tea)

was not /were not (e.g. : Tea was not taken by him.)

Auxi + not (e.g. : I have not written the message)

১ম Auxi + not + ---( ঊপরের নিয়ম অনুসারে Auxi)(e.g. : The message has not been written by me)

Double objects (e.g.: Mother gave me a pen)

যে কোনটিকে Subject (অপরটি verb এর পরে বসে যায়)- ব্যক্তি নেয়া ভাল

(e.g. : I was given a pen by mother)

or: A pen was given me by mother .


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