The Preposition-A Preposition-D E

6.7. The Preposition-A Preposition-D E

A list of Some Appropriate Prepositions


Deaf of (কানে কম শুনা)—He is deaf of one ear. 

Deaf to (শুনতে অনিচ্ছুক)—He is deaf to my request.

Deal in (ব্যবসা করা)-He deals in rice.

Deal with (আচরন করা)—He deals well with the customers.

Dedicate to (উৎসর্গ করা)—This book is dedicated to his father.

Delight in (আনন্দ)-He takes delight in music.

Depend on (নির্ভর করা)—Success depends on hard work.

Deprived of (বঞ্চিত)—He was deprived of his property.

Desire for (আশা)—He has no desire for fame.

Desist from- কোন কিছু হতে নিবৃত্ত হওয়া- He advised us to desist from that attempt.

Desirous of (উচ্চাকাংখী)—He is desirous of building a new house.

Despair of (হতাশা)—Do not despair of success.

Destined to (নির্দিষ্ট)-He was destined to death.

Devoid of (শুন্য)-He is devoid of common sense.

Devote to (নিযুক্ত করা)—He devotes much time to study.

Die of (a disease), from (an effect), for (a cause) by (poison), in (peace) (মারা যাওয়া)—He died of cholera. He died from over-eating. He died for his country, He died by poison. Let me die in peace.

N.B যদি রোগে মারা যাওয়া বুঝায় তাহলে die এর পর Of বসবে আর যদি কোন কারণে মারা যায় তাহলে from বসে আর যদি কারও জন্য মারা যায় তাহলে for বসে।

Differ with (a person), on (a point), in (opinion)( ভিন্ন হওয়া)—I differ with you on this point. They differ in their opinions.

Differ from (ভিন্ন হওয়া)—This thing differs from that.

Difference between (ভিন্ন )—There is no difference between the two brothers.

Different from (ভিন্ন )—This book is different from that.

Diffident of (সংশয়ী)—I am diffident of success.

Difficulty in কোন কিছুতে কঠিন- I don’t think you will have difficulty in getting a driving license.

Disgrace to (কলংক)—He is  a disgrace to his family.

Disgusted with, at (something) (বিরক্ত)-I am disgusted with him at his conduct.

Displeased with (অসন্তুষ্ট)—He is displeased with me.

Dislike for (অপছন্দ)-He has dislike for dogs.

Displeased with, at (অসন্তুষ্ট)-I am displeased with him at his conduct.

Dispose of (বিক্রয় করা)—He disposed of his books.

Distinguish one thing from (another) (পার্থক্য করা) —A child can not distinguish good from evil.

Distinguish between(পার্থক্য করা) — Distinguish between a phrase and a clause.

Divert from (অন্য দিকে নিয়ে যাওয়া)—The loud music diverted my attention from study.

Divide into (parts) (ভাগ করা) —It was divided into several parts.

Divide between (two), among (more than two)( ভাগ করা) —

Divide the mangoes between Rana and Raju. Divide the mangoes among the boys.

Due to (কারণে)—His absence is due to illness.

Dull of (বোকা)—He is dull of understanding.

Dull at (বোকা) —He is dull at Physics.


Eager for, about (আগ্রহী)—He is eager for promotion in service. He is eager about the result.

Eligible for (যোগ্য)—He is eligible for the post.

Encroach on (সীমালংঘন করা)-Do not encroach on my land.

End in (ব্যর্থ হওয়া)—All his plans ended in smoke.

Endowed with (ভূষিত)He is endowed with talents.

Engaged with (a person), in (a work)( জড়িত) — I was engaged with him in talk.

Engaged to (বাগদত্তা হওয়া)—Lila was engaged to him.

Enquire of (a person), into (a matter)- প্রশ্ন করা — He enquired of me into the matter.

Enter into (প্রবেশ করা / কেন্দ্রবর্তী হওয়া)— We have recently entered into an agreement with the Inland Co-operative society

Envy of (হিংসা) — I have no envy of him.

Envious of (হিংসুটে) — 1 am not envious of his riches.

Entitled to (অধিকারী/ যোগ্য) — He is entitled to a reward for his honesty.

Equal in (rank), with (a person), to (a task) (সমান) —Rashed is equal in rank with Jomshed.

He rose equal to the occasion.

Escape from (পালানো)— The man escaped from the village.

Entrust with, to (বিশ্বাস করে দেয়া)—I entrusted the thing to him. I entrusted him with the thing.

Esteem for (শ্রদ্ধা) — He has esteem for the superiors.

Essential to (প্রয়োজন)— Food is essential to health.

Excel in (দক্ষ হওয়া)— He excels in painting.

Excuse for (ক্ষমা করা)— He will not be excused for coming late.

Excuse from (ক্ষমা করা) — They may be excused from complying with this regulation.

Exempt from (মুক্তি দেয়া)— He was exempted from the fine.


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