The Preposition-A Preposition-F G H

6.8. The Preposition-A Preposition-F G H

A list of Some Appropriate Prepositions


Faith in (বিশ্বাস) —I have no faith in him.

Faith with (বিশ্বাস)— He broke faith with me.

Faithful to (বিশ্বস্ত) — The dog is faithful to his master.

False to (মিথ্যাবাদী)— I cannot be false (unfaithful) to my friend.

Famous for (বিখ্যাত) — Jhenaidah is famous for Cadet College.

Familiar with (পরিচিত) — He is familiar with my brother.

Fantasized about অর্থ ভাবা বা কল্পনা করা- He fantasized about winning the lottery.

Fatal to (ক্ষতিকর)— The doctor's mistake proved fatal to his life.

Fatigue for অর্থ ক্লান্তি বা শ্রান্তি। কোন বিষয়ের কারনে ক্লান্তি ঘটে- I am fatigued for wide travelling.

Favour with (পক্ষে যাওয়া) — Would you favour me with an early reply?

(In) favour of (পক্ষে) — He spoke in favour of his friend.

Favourable to (a person), for (পক্ষে) — This situation is favourable to me for doing this.

Feel for, in (সহানূভূতি দেখানো) — I feel for you in your trouble.

Fit for (যোগ্য)— He is not fit for the Job.

Fond of (ভক্ত/ভালোবাসা) — She is fond of sweets.

Free from (মুক্ত)-He is now free from danger.

Fill with (পরিপূর্ণ হওয়া)— This tank is filled with water.

Full of (পরিপূর্ণ)— This tank is full of water.


Glance at (চোখ বুলিয়ে নেয়া) — He glanced at me casually.

Good at (দক্ষ) — He is good at tennis.

Good for (Nothing)( অপদার্থ) —  He is good for nothing.

Grateful to (a person), for (something)( কৃতজ্ঞ)--I am grateful to you for your help.

Greed for (লোভ) — He has no greed for wealth.

Grumble at/about অর্থ হল ‘অসন্তোষ প্রকাশ করা’- “The disgruntled man grumbled­­ at his fate”

Guess at (অনুমান করা) — Can you guess at her age?

Guilty of (দোষী) — He is guilty of murder.


Hanker after (আকাংখা করা) — Do not hanker after wealth.

Hard at (উদ্যমী) — He is hard at work before examination.

Hard of (কম শুনা) — He is hard of hearing.

Heir of (a person), to (a property)( উত্তরাধিকারী)He is the heir of his uncle (to his uncle's property).

Hope for (আশা করা) — Let us hope for the best.

Hunger for (ক্ষুধা) — His hunger for knowledge surprised us.


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