The Preposition-A Preposition-P Q

6.11. The Preposition-A Preposition-P Q

A list of Some Appropriate Prepositions


Parallel to (সমান)—This road is parallel to that.

Part from (a person), with (a thing) ( বিদায় নেয়া)—He parted from his friend. She parted with the ring.

Partial to (পক্ষপাতী) —He is partial to his son.

Partiality for (পক্ষপাতী) —He has no Partiality for his son.

Pass away (মারা যাওয়া)—He passed away last night.

Persist in (লেগে থাকা)—He persisted in disturbing me.

Penalty for- অপরাধের কারনে শাস্তি; ধরে অর্থে with- He has paid the penalty for his crime with five years in prison.

Pity for (করুণা)—Have pity for the poor.

Play on (বাজানো)—He played on guitar.

Plead with (a person) for or against (something) (কারও পক্ষে কথা বলা)

I pleaded with him for justice (against the wrong done to me).

Pleased with (a person), at (something) (সন্তুষ্ট)I am pleased with him. I am pleased at the news.

Polite in, to (নম্র)—He is polite in his manners, (polite to strangers )

Poor in (spirit) (দূর্বj)—Don't be poor in spirit.

Popular with (জনপ্রিয়) —He is popular with all for his behaviour.

Prefer (one) to (another) (বেশী পছন্দ করা)—I prefer coffee to tea.

Preferable to (বেশী পছন্দনীয়)—Death is preferable to dishonour.

Prejudice against- অকারণে কোনো কিছুর প্রতি অপছন্দ- An ignorant person has prejudice against new ideas.

Preside over (সভাপতিত্ব করা)—He presided over the meeting.

Pretend to (ভান করা)—He does not pretend to high birth.

Prevent (one) from (doing something)( রোধ করা) — I prevented him from going there.

Pride (oneself) on, (অহংকার করা) —He prides himself on his high birth.

(Take) pride in (অহংকার করা) —He takes pride in his high birth.

Proud of (গর্বিত)—He is proud of his position.

Prior to (পূর্বে)-Prior to that, he was in a wretched condition.

Prohibit from (বাধা দেয়া)—I prohibited him from going there.

Prompt in(answers) (চটপটে)—He is prompt in his answers.

Prompt at (figures) (চটপটে)— He is prompt at figures.

Prone to (ঝোক/প্রবণতা)—He is prone to idleness.

Proportionate to (অনুপাতে)—Punishment should be proportionate to offence.

Provide against (evil days), for (children), with (a thing)( প্রদান করা)-You must provide against evil days for your children.I provide (supply) him with food.



Qualified for (যোগ্য)—He is qualified for the post.

Quick at, of (চটপটে)- He is quick at figures. He is quick of understanding.

Quarrel with ( a person) for, over, about (something)-( ঝগড়া করা)-They quarrelled with one another for (over, about) the property.


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