The Preposition-A Preposition-T U V

6.13. The Preposition-A Preposition-T U V

A list of Some Appropriate Prepositions


Take after (একই রকমের হওয়া) —The boy takes after his father.

Talk to. with ( a person), of, about over ( a thing)( কথা বলা) —

I am talking to (with) Parosh of ( about, over) the matter.

Taste for (রুচি) —She has no taste for music.

Tell upon (প্রভাব পড়া) —Over-eating tells upon health-

Tide over (অতিক্রম করা) —He will soon tide over the difficulty.

Tired of (ক্লান্ত)-I am tired of doing the same thing day after day.

Think of, about ( a person), Over (something) (চিন্তা করা) —What do you think of (about) him?

Think carefully over his advice.

Tolerant of (সহিঞ্চু) —We must be tolerant of opposition.

Triumph over (জয়লাভ করা) —Jim and Della triumphed over their poverty.

True to (fate)( সত্য)- He is true to his master.

Trust (a person) with (a thing), to (a person), in God (বিশ্বাস করা) —

You may trust me with the work. You may trust the work to me. Trust in God.


Unite with (ঐক্যবদ্ধ হওয়া) —Be united with your friends.

Useful to (a person), for (some purpose)( উপকারী) —This book is useful to us for examination.

Vain of (অহংকারী) —She is vain of her beauty.

Vary from (ভিন্ন হওয়া) —His opinion varies from his brother's.

Vexed with (a person), for, at (a thing)( বিরক্ত)-He is vexed with me at my conduct. He is vexed with me for opposing him.

Void of (শুন্য)-He is void of common sense.


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