21. Parallelism

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কোন Sentence এ একই parts  of speech একাধিকবার ব্যবহৃত হলে এরা  same form, same structure, same tense এ হয়। একই form, structure এবং tense অনুসরণ করাকে  parallelism বলে।


     সাধারণত নিচের Conjunctions গুলোর ক্ষেত্রে   parallelism এর ব্যবহার হয়ে থাকে। conjunction গুলোর এক পাশে  noun বা  adjective কিংবা infinitive / gerund থাকলে অপর পাশে  noun বা  adjective কিংবা  infinitive / gerund বসে।

a. Either  ------------- or ---------------- b. Neither ------------ nor ----------- c. Not  only   --------   but  also ------ d. Both  -----------  and  --------- e. -------and-------f. ---------,-------------------  and------ g. -----or------  h. --------, ------ or------ i. -----as well as---- j. ----but----- Example :

a. Incorrect: Resita likes to read, sing and playing.

Correct: Resita likes to read, to sing and to play. Or

Correct: Resita likes reading, singing and playing.

b. Incorrect: Peter  is  rich, handsome  and  many  people  like  him.  [Adjective + Adjective + clause]

Correct: Peter is rich, handsome and popular. [Adjective +Adjective + Adjective] 

c. Incorrect:  Mr. Henry is a lawyer, a politician and he teaches. [Noun + Noun + clause]

Correct: Mr.  Henry is a lawyer, a politician and a teacher. [Noun + Noun + Noun]

d. Incorrect: The soldiers approached the enemy camp slowly and silent. [Adverb + adjective]

Correct: The soldiers approached the enemy camp slowly and silently. [Adverb + adverb]

e. Incorrect: she loves to fish, swim and surfing. [Infinite + simple form + verb-ing]

Correct: she loves to fish, to swim and to surf. [Infinitive + Infinitive + Infinitive] Or

She loves fishing, swimming and surfing. [verb-ing + verb-ing + verb-ing]

f. Incorrect : when  teenagers  finish  high  school, they have several choices: going  to  college, getting a job, or the army. [Verb-noun + Verb-noun + noun]

Correct: when teenagers finish high school, they have   several choices: going to college, getting a job or joining the army. [Verb-noun + Verb-noun + Verb-noun]

g. Incorrect: Enrique entered the room, sat down, and is opening his book. [Past + Past + Present continuous]

Correct: Enrique entered the room, sat down and is opened his book. [Past + Past + Past]

Note: Unparallel sentence = incorrect sentence: সকল unparallel sentence ই incorrect.


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