22. Redundancy

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কোন Sentence এ একই অর্থসম্পন্ন word বা অভিব্যক্তির অহেতুক পুনরাবৃত্তিকে Redundancy বলে। বাংলায় তা বাহুল্য দোষ হিসেবে পরিচিত।


Concise expression (correct)

Redundant expression(incorrect)


Repeat  again


Return  back


Revert  back


Join  together


Compete  together


Advance  forward


Proceed  forward


Progress forward


The time When


The place Where


In a  situation Where


Same  identical


New Innovation


Discuss  about

Because / Owing to

Owing  to  the fact that

Because / Due to

Due  to the fact that


Two Twins


Reason Because

Enough / sufficient

sufficient  enough


     Redundant word যুক্ত সকল sentence -ই  incorrect

a. Incorrect: she  repeated  the words  again.

Correct: She repeated the words. 

b. Incorrect:   He  will  return back  soon.

Correct:  He will return nbsp;  soon.

c. Incorrect: They reverted the man back.

Correct:  They   reverted the man.

d. Incorrect :   we  joined  together  in a  meeting.

Correct: we joined   in a meeting

e. Incorrect : The  two  rivals  competed  together.

Correct : The  two  rivals  competed. 

f. Incorrect : we  advanced  forward.

Correct : we  advanced. 

g. Incorrect: The mountain climbers proceeded forward.

Correct: The mountain climbers proceeded. 

h. Incorrect: The course allows students to progress forward at their own speed.

Correct : The course  allows  students  to progress  at  their  own  speed.

i. Incorrect: I know the time when he will come.

Correct : I  know   when  he will  come.

j. Incorrect :  I know the place  where  he lives.

Correct:  I know where he lives

j. Incorrect:  This is a new innovation.

Correct: This is an   innovation.

k. Incorrect:  The ideas are same identical.

Correct:  The ideas are same. 

l. Incorrect: The water is sufficient enough for them.

Correct: The water is sufficient   for them.

m. Incorrect: He came  here  for  the  purpose  of helping  me.

Correct:  He came here for helping me.

n. Incorrect :  I could  not attend   the meeting  due to the  fact  that  I was  ill.

Correct : I could  not attend  the meeting because I was  ill

o. Incorrect :  we discussed  about  the economic  condition  of Bangladesh.

Correct: we discussed the economic condition of Bangladesh.


Redundancy - unnecessary phrases

a. Incorrect:  Mr.  Davis knows a great deal in terms of the condition of the situation.

Correct: Mr.  Davis knows a great deal of the situation.

b. Incorrect :  It  was  a problem  which  was  very  difficult in  character  and  very  delicate  in nature.

Correct : It  was  a problem  which  was  very  difficult and  very  delicate. 

c. Incorrect:  The disease was very serious in the nature of it.

Correct: The disease was very serious.

d. Incorrect:  Mary had always behaved in a responsible manner.

Correct : Mary  had  always  behaved  in a responsible.


Redundancy – Repetition of noun by   pronoun:

a. Incorrect:  Steve  he  plans  to  go  into business with  his father.

Correct: Steve plans to go into business with his father.

b. Incorrect:  My sister   she found  a store   that imported  food  from our country.

Correct:   My sister found a store   that imported food from our country.


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