Meanings of Phrases -E-F-G-H

4. Meanings of Phrases -E-F-G-H

A list of Some Important Idioms and Phrases


End in smoke (fall, ব্যর্থ হওয়া)—All his plans ended in smoke.

Fall flat (have no effect, প্রভাব পড়া)—My advice feels flat on him.

Fall into line – Agree একমত হওয়া - He fell into line with Reza.

Few and far between – rarely কদাচিৎ-He comes here few and far between.

Fight shy of (avoid, এড়িযে চলা)—Why do you fight shy of your teacher?

Fish out of water (in an uneasy situation, অস্বস্তিকর অবস্থা)— He felt like a fish out of water.

Fish in a troubled water (take advantage of disturbed situation, সুযোগ গ্রহণ করা)—He made a lot of money by fishing in a troubled water.

Far and wide (everywhere, সর্বত্র)—His fame as a scholar spread far and wide .

Far and near(everywhere, সর্বত্র) —His name and fame has spread far and near.

Flesh and blood (human body, রক্ত মাংসের শরীর)— No flesh and blood can bear such insults.

For good (for ever, চির দিনের জন্য)—He left the country for good.

From hand to mouth (live by hard labour, দিন এনে দিন খাওয়া)-The poor man lives from hand to mouth.

From A to Z (from the beginning to the end, শুরু থেকে শেষ পর্যন্ত)— Read the passage from A to Z.

Gala day (a day of festivity, উৎসবের দিন)—The 16th December is a gala day to the Bangladeshis.

Get rid of (be free from, মুক্তি পাওয়া)— Try to get rid of that rogue.

Get something across to somebody – কাউকে কিছু বোঝাতে পারা- make his ideas understood- Despite being a brilliant scientist, he does not seem to get his ideas across.

Get along with অর্থ good relationship with someone.- He got along with me.

Go for a walk- হাঁটতে যাওয়া (Noun phrase)- I decided to go for a walk with my friend as I needed some exercise.

Gift of the gab (power of delivering speech, বাগ্মিতা)—An advocate should have the gift of the gab.

Go to the dogs –গোল্লায় যাওয়া; be ruined -Your brother went to the dogs.

Hard and fast (rigid, বাধাধারা)- There is no such hard and fast rule in this matter.

Hard nut to crack (a difficult problem, কঠিন সমস্যা)— Female education is really a hard nut to crack.

Head and ears (complete, সম্পূর্ণরূপে)—He is over head and ears in debt.

Heart and soul (with all energy, প্রাণপনে)—Try heart and soul and you will succeed.

Head in the clouds – দিবাস্বপ্নে বিভোর বা অলীক কল্পনায় মগ্ন- a day dreamer- He is a man of head in the clouds.

Handsome is that handsome does -একটি প্রবাদ, যার অর্থ “সেই সুন্দর যার কাজ সুন্দর”- He is a model of ' Handsome is that handsome does.'

Hold water (Bear examination – পরীক্ষায় টিকে থাকা/ be effective, খাটা) —This policy will not hold water in this situation.

Hold good (apply, খাটা)—This rule will not hold good here.

Hue and cry (a noise, শোর গোল)— The villagers raised a hue and cry to see the thief.

Hush money (bribe money, ঘুষের টাকা)— He offered a hush money to suppress the murder.

Household word (familiar name, পরিচিত নাম)—Mother Teresa's name has now become a household word.


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