Elizabethan Period-1558 to 1603

1. Elizabethan Period-1558 to 1603

Elizabethan Period (1558 – 1603 )

#   The age is named after the Queen Elizabeth-1 who reigned over England from 1558 to 1603.

#   This is called the Golden age of English literature.

Main Literary Features of the age:

1. Elizabethan literature reflects a great verity of Creative genius.

2. It demonstrates experimentation and innovation in dramatic and poetic forms and techniques.

3. It is largely influenced by the Renaissance spirit, specially by the Renaissance literature of Italy, France and Spain.

4. In style it exhibits romantic exuberance.

5. Its writers are all men (not women) from all classes of society.

6. It is an age of exquisite poetry, unparalleled drama and splendid prose.

7. It marks a shift from man’s fate to his free will.

8. It develops English language to a level of stable standard.

9. Its spirit ranges from the platonic idealism or the delightful romance to the level of gross realism.

10.  The literature of the age shows a quest for “The remote, the wonderful and the beautiful.”

11. It reflects original romanticism that revived during the beginning of Romantic age in 1798.

12. It initiates literary criticism.


University Wits

            University wits are a group of young dramatists who wrote and performed in London towards the end of 16th century. They are called university wits because they were the witty students of Cambridge or Oxford. The group is:

1. John Lily                             1554 - 1606

2. Thomas Kyd                       1557 - 1598

3. George Peele                       1558 – 1598

4. Christopher Marlow            1564 - 1593

5. Robert Greene                     1558 - 1592

6. Thomas Nashe                     1567 - 1601



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