A Book Fair

A book Fair is an attractive fair where different types of books are displayed. Ekushey Book Fair is a grand fair of books which is organized by the Bangla Academy every year in February, the month of language movement. The fair was organized by Bangla Academy in the premises of the institution.

Ekushey Book Fair starts on 1st February every year and continues through the whole month. Only the publishers who have already published sufficient number of books have the privilege to get a stall. The size and location of the stall is fixed with lottery. The stalls are made with bamboo structure, jute carpet and cloth. They are decorated with colorful designs, with the name of the publishing house on the top.

Books written by different writers are brought to the fair for exhibition and selling. The books cater to the taste of all sorts of readers. There are books for the old, youth, teenagers and even for the children. There are books of short stories like novels, poems, dramas and comics. Other books are of research, both in Bangla and English.

 The fair is always full of people and it becomes excessively crowded during weekends. Books are the main attraction in the fair. Besides, many cultural activities, like poetry and music, are held on the Bangla Academy stage. Folk songs are presented to the amusement of the gathering. Discussions on literature and culture are also held throughout the month of February. Famous writers and intellectuals deliver lectures to the audience. Ekushey Padaks are handed over to recipients.

Some food stalls are set up in the fair. People take different kinds of fast food. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are also available. Outside the main center of book stalls, many vendors gather and sell their products. Various kinds of toys for children are also sold there. On the road outside Bangla Academy, pirated copies of books are found to be sold in cheap price.

Importance of book fairs:
Book fair is very important because it expands our knowledge. It is the mark of a civilized and educated nation.

With the combination of the newest books and the cultural activities, Ekushey Book Fair has become a remarkable event for the people of Bangladesh. This is not simply a fair but also a medium to get in touch with our culture and glorious history.

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