A bus stand

A bus stand is a place where buses of different destinations stop and depart allowing the passengers to get into and get down the buses.

In a bus-stand, we usually find some sheds for passengers and a number of small shops selling commodities to them. There are also tea-stalls. Hawkers move about selling papers, betel leaves and cigarettes. In a big bus stand, there are ticket counters for the passengers. Sometimes the passengers stand in queue for buying tickets and getting into the bus. During the time of Eid, Durga Puja and other occasions, the queues get longer. At these times, getting a ticket is a struggle. Some of the big bus stands are more organized than the average ones. They have sophisticated restaurants and waiting rooms. Some of them even have toilet facilities. They have also introduced luxury bus services for those passengers who can afford to pay higher prices.

Like a railway station, the bus stand is also a very busy place. It is also one of the favorite places of petty thieves. All day and night people crowd this place up. Some are leaving and some are returning. In the morning, office goers and students stand in queue to catch a bus and go to work.  In the evening, these people are seen to return.

The bus stand serves us in many ways. It should be kept neat and clean. People should be more careful of their belongings in crowded places like a bus stand.

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