A businessman

At present, one of the most prestigious occupations of the world is being a business man. Business is involved in every step of our lives. A business man is someone taking risk in a certain company for the purpose of producing revenue from a combination of human, financial, or physical capital.

Description of a businessman I know:
My neighbor Mr. Kalam is a businessman. He has a huge company which is not only domestic but has reached its dominance over many countries. A successful business man like him applies certain strategies in order to achieve different goals.

Mr. Kalam always starts for his office at 8am in the morning and returns at 5pm. But most of the time he remains busy with international tours or in meetings with multinational companies. He possesses the basic business skills and tries heart and soul to work them out. He is also an excellent communicator who gains confidence among others. He can be called one of the business ideals of Bangladesh.

He takes his work very seriously. Though many people work under him, he likes to maintain everything by his own hands. He checks the finance of his company by himself as well as the payment of the employees. He maintains good relation with the clients as well as the fellow competitors. His company is very organized and he always plans his business in every step and analyzes it by writing a business plan to achieve the goals of the company properly.

He says that being a businessman is the best job for him because it established him economically as well as helped him to earn respect in society. He has always cherished his company and has always been loyal to his clients. This is how he finds the most satisfaction in this job. Moreover, he won the “Entrepreneur of the year” award for three consecutive years.

Importance of such people:
If people like Mr. Kalam stops working then the economy of this country will fall. The transactions might collapse as well as it might affect the international relations. It will bring in huge financial crisis and distress in the standard of living of the people.
Businessmen have bold and enthusiastic personalities which can be a huge source of information  and inspiration for many. Being a businessman opens every possible door to lead a luxurious life. It also requires a lot perseverance, tactics and farsightedness. This profession is beneficial for oneself, society and also for the nation.

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