A competition I won

Various types of competitions are held in our country these days to encourage the students. Recently, the number of such competitions has increased a lot. These are very helpful for the students. It builds self confidence and improves their communication skills.

A few months ago I took part in a Quiz competition. A quiz competition is a competition in which questions on different subjects are asked. One should have huge knowledge on all topics to be able to answer all the questions properly. So I studied a lot for three weeks, day and night, before attending the competition.

The competition was held in the premises of Bangla Academy. Various television channels and radios were broadcasting the competition. There were six participants who were selected from different schools. Many important persons including the Education minister was invited there.

The competition started at 10.00 am. It was held in two rounds. In the first round each participant were asked fifteen questions. The first three students that got highest marks were then taken to the next round. I was able to answer thirteen questions and so was also taken to the second round. In the second round around thirty questions were asked. The student who could answer first was given marks for it.

I was very nervous before the second round.  So I went to my mother during the break. My mother then recited a dua and told me to give my best. Then as the judges started asking the question I saw that most of them were known to me. However, even then my legs were shaking badly behind the podium. I answered them as soon as the questioned ended. I was able to answer seventeen of the questions. The rest thirteen were answered by my opponents. I was pretty sure that I will win the competition.

A few minutes later the judges announced the result. As soon as they announced my name in the first place I yelled out in joy. Then I was given a medal and a certificate. My parents were called upon the stage. They hugged me and my father whispered in my ears, “I am proud of you son”.  I was so happy that I started crying. Indeed it was the happiest day of my life.

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