A cricket match

Cricket is currently the most popular sport in Bangladesh. Bangladesh gained its membership in ICC by 1972 and gained test status in 2000 for being cited as the elite member of test playing countries. 

 My experience and description of the match:
Very recently I had the chance of going to Home of Cricket, Mirpur SBN Stadium, to enjoy the 11th T20 between Bangladesh and Pakistan. Before this match, Bangladesh had ‘Banglawashed’ the Pakistani ODI team by 3-0 and by convincing victories.
The match started at local time 6 pm with the toss between Bangladeshi Captain Mashrafee Mortaza and Pakistani Captain Shahid Afridi. Pakistan won the toss and was elected to bat first.
Ahmed Shehzad with the debutant Muktar Ali opened for Pakistan. There were 2 debutants on the side of Bangladesh as well. Mustafizur Rahman, Left arm medium-fast bowler and Soumya Sarker. Though Bangladesh initiated their bowling attack with a wide but bounced back to match by tightly gripping Pakistani willowing for only 7 runs after 3 crucial overs.
However Pakistani batsmen continued their hitting and eventually gathered 29 runs after 5 overs when Taskin got the first break through by sending Shehzad off.
After that Afridi tried to hit the ball out of the stadium but became the first international wicket of Mustafizur Rahman although it was a bit questionable. Harris Shohail and Md. Hafeez then paired and steered the Pakistani scorecard to an honorable total of 142 for 5.
Bangladesh in return started with an aggressive sixer by Tamim Iqbal and took 14 runs out of the first over by Mohammad Hafeez at the cost of Soumya Sarker’s unfortunate run out. Sakib Al Hasan came to the bat but witnessed departure of Tamim Iqbal at the cost of offering a flamboyant shot to Umar Gul. Mushhfiqur Rahim, joined Sakib Al Hasan and contributed 12 runs before being played on by Wahab Riaz.
When a frowning was about to rise, Sabbir joined Sakib Al Hasan and made the Pakistani bowlers look like street bowlers by offering magnanimous boundaries and over boundaries. Both Sakib and Sabbir picked up their fifties while clenching the victory over Pakistan. Sabbir Rahman was adjusted as the Man of the match for his unbeaten and timely 51 out of 32 balls.

More than 25,000 crowd gathered at the stadium with high officials as well. Bangladesh won a lot of matches in the past but none was like this. Team Bangladesh showed the real team spirit and proved their worthiness of being called the Dream team.

My feelings and Conclusion:
When Bangladesh was batting, my heart was throbbing somewhere near my throat out of anxiety and excitement. I rarely cry but the victory made me teary eyed with happiness. Later that day, my throat was aching from all the shouting and celebrating. This is one of the matches that will always glow brightly in my mind

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