A fire

I was cycling down a narrow street one evening when I saw thick black smoke billowing upwards into the sky nearby. Though the fire was not visible from where I was, I knew that there must be a raging fire to cause such thick clouds of smoke. I continued to cycle down the street and before long, came to the source of fire. An old house was ablaze.

One large fire truck was already there and the firemen were trying to put the fire out with their special fire-fighting equipments. But it seemed that the fire was winning the battle. The fire blazed even fiercely, as the fire in one portion looked about to be extinguished.
There were also cries and wails from women and men. There were loud sobs and soft weeping by many. Others displayed a variety of emotions. Some were sad, some were angry and yet some other simply looked indifferent.
 The police came in the area after some time. The curious onlookers, including me, were kept at a safe distance. From where I was, I could feel the intense heat emitted of the flames. I wanted to go and help but the police did not allow me.
In another hour, the fire was finally contained but the house was reduced to a smoldering ruin. The firemen packed their equipment and left the scene. 2 ambulances were called as 5 people were injured. I helped them with others to get into the ambulance. Only the police were left. I took one final look at the burnt wreck and shook my head sadly before cycling off to home.

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