A firefighter

Firefighters are persons who are trained and equipped to put out fires and rescue people. The fire service is also known as fire brigade.

Description of the job:
Firefighting is an extremely important job. Firefighters save people risking their own lives.Whenever anyone sees a fire, they call the firefighters. Immediately, the fire brigade race to that place with a gigantic red machine truck. During a fire, there could be confusion, so the fire fighters are organized and put to different duties. There are hose handlers, ladder handlers, truck driver, inspectors and the rescuers. Since there is a great amount of heat put off from fire, fire fighters wear protective clothing. These fire fighters are supervised by fire captains, battalion chiefs or the fire chief. There are also some fire marshals, who try to figure out what started the fire.

Firefighters are very brave. Their job is very stressful and also adventurous. They need to keep themselves fit, calm and prepared for emergencies. Their job requires much mental balance to keep cool in stressful situations. They have to undergo very difficult training and challenging exams.

The firefighters are a security to the nation. They save many lives and properties. They perform a very hard job which does not even have any particular timetable. Most of the times, they have to work for long and irregular hours.  They are one of the most important people in the society as they work very hard for the safety of the people in it.

Firefighters are our greatest real heroes. They defend the lives and properties of their community, risking their lives to save people and places. The firefighters teach us about brotherhood and selflessness. They encourage us to be more courageous and helpful.

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