Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction is a great problem not only for a person or family, but also for the society. It is one of the most fatal curses that have gripped today’s youth. It can destroy and decay a person mentally and physically.

Types of drug addiction:
Drug addiction is the taking of drugs which gradually destroy the normal activeness of a person’s brain.  There are many drugs that are taken such as bhang, weed, hashish, morphine, meth, marijuana, cocaine, heroine and so on.

There is no doubt that drug addiction destroys the inner beings of  people who practice it. Yet, why do people take drugs?  In the perspective of our country, the reasons are many.
Firstly, some people by being encouraged by their friends take drugs. It can be due to peer pressure or one’s own curiosity. However, this leads to addiction in most cases. Secondly, some people want to escape life’s tortures, depressions, anxieties, frustrations, stress and unbearable worries. Thirdly, some young people who have negative attitude towards life take drugs to seek salvation.

The consequence of drug addiction is like slow poisoning. It may and have caused death. However, drug addicts do not even have the luck to die normally. They die little by little. Their memory power begins to collapse and bodies become inactive. Their judgment is impaired. Drug addicts often become and act like lunatics. They can go to any lengths for continuing their addiction. They can take any illegal initiatives to get the money needed to buy drugs.

Possible solutions:
A number of effective measures need to be taken to solve this problem. Illegal drug smuggling must be controlled and stopped. The young generation must be made aware of the dangers of drug addiction. The ones already addicted must be sent to rehabilitation to get rid of drug addiction.

Everyone must be aware of the dangers of drug addiction. Whatever, might be the reason and no matter how hard life is, one should never give in to drugs. They might give one temporary bliss and satisfaction. However, in the long run, they are sure to take the addict in the dark alleys of eternal doom.

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