A football match

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Football used to be the prime sport in Bangladesh which has been taken over by Cricket in the recent past.

As a fan I, sometimes, move into the stadium and enjoy football matches. About two months ago I had the opportunity to watch a football match between Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi club and Sheikh Rasel Krirachokra. They are the title contenders of current football championship in the Premier Football Championship final.

My experience and description of the match:
The match started at 6 pm in the evening with the whistle of the referee and a great applause by the present spectators which numbered to about 25,000 in the field.
The ball went up and down the playground with the mastery of passing and dribbling by the players of both sides. Sheikh Rasel initiated the attack with the ball touching the bars for 3 times. Sheikh Jamal took some time to pay back and returned with a set piece. However, the counter attack was prevented bravely by the S. Rasel goalkeeper and the defenders were active enough to clear the ball out of the danger zone.
S. Rasel posted another attack which was in turn boldly defensed by the mighty defenders of S. Jamal. The corner kick was wonderfully taken and the ball sailed over the S. Jamal defender to the Haitian striker of S. Rasel and he nodded it with a well head into the net. There was a roar of applause among the S. Rasel supporters as the team was leading by 1-0 during the 45 minutes of the first half.
During the last 10 minutes the game became full of excitement as both the teams tried heart and soul to clench the victory. The attacks and counter attacks gave much pleasure to the crowd.
A 3 minute extra was added to the 90 minutes and just before 40 seconds of the end of the match, Tapu Barman, defender of S. Jamal neatly placed the ball through the right corner of the goal post of S. Rasel.
Though S. Jamal won the match by 2-1 margin, the match was full of contest and thrill. Both of team players exhibited professionalism and great team spirit. 

During the last minute, my heart was throbbing somewhere near my throat out of anxiety and excitement . Later that night, my throat was aching from all the shouting and celebrating. This is one of the matches that will always glow brightly in my mind

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