A journey by boat

Bangladesh is a land of many rivers. So, here going from one place to another in boats is very common. In this age of fast moving vehicles, a journey by boat offers a different taste. It brings us closer to the beauty of nature.

My experience:
During the last autumn vacation, I enjoyed a journey by boat from Comilla to Chadpur through a small river. My parents and my sisters were with me. For the journey, my father hired a small but very nice boat. There were two boatmen. We took extra clothes, food, water and a camera with us. The day was bright. The current and the wind were in our favour. The boatmen hoisted the sail. In turn, each of them was singing folk songs throughout our whole journey. Their songs charmed us very much.

Being so far away from the busy and mechanical town was a relief. While passing through the river, we were mesmerized by the beauty of the rural areas. On both sides of the river we saw green paddy fields, jute plants and other trees. Besides, the houses of the villagers surrounded by trees presented a very nice scene. Occasionally, the boat was moving in a way that got us a little bit scared.  

The river was full to the brim. The murmuring sound of the waves felt like music to my ears. Here and there, some fishermen were fishing in the river. Some people were seen to bathe near the bank of the river. A few women were filling jars with water, while others were busy cleaning their clothes. Birds of various kinds were flying and chirping. The bright sun was reflected on the river water. It made the water look reddish; as if on fire. The continuous waves looked like a sea of armies guarding and marching with us. The whole scenario was magical. In fact, it seemed like the beautiful river has cast a spell on our minds. We were spellbound by the beauty of the nature. 

This was my first journey by boat. It was indeed very adventurous and thrilling for me. If truth be spoken, at first I was very scared of even getting on the boat. But, once the journey was over, the pleasure was sparkling in my eyes. Only my mother was very frightened throughout the whole journey. She did not let go of father’s arm the whole time. A few times she clenched her eyes shut and started praying. When the journey ended, she was hugely relieved.

A journey by boat is indeed pleasant. It allows us to enjoy nature by coming in close touch with it.

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