A journey by launch

Every journey can be very interesting and pleasant. It keeps a man away from his routine tasks. It may have educative values too. A few days ago, I made a journey by Launch from Dhaka to Chandpur. It was my first journey by launch and I was really excited.

When it was planned:
My home town is in Chandpur.  My grandparents, uncle and aunts live there. For some reason or the other, I have never been there. This year, after my finals, my father decided to have a family trip to our hometown.

My experience:
The day was fixed. We reached Dhaka Shadar Ghat at 6:30 am. We took some light food with us. We also took a camera. We started our journey at 7am. The name of our launch was ‘Shonar Tori. It was a huge launch. It was not very clean but it was okay.

My farther managed our tickets for a cabin. The Launch terminal was crowded. We heard a whistle and the Launch began to move. Slowly, it left the terminal. Gradually, it started to pick up speed. I was looking outside through the window from our cabin. I was charmed with the natural sights outside. My parents did not allow me to go outside the cabin. They said it was very crowded and different types of people were there. However, I was not upset because from the window I had a very nice view of the deck outside. After some time, hawkers were selling biscuits breads, cigarettes, betel leaf and various kinds of fruits. I bought some biscuits and bananas through the window. Finally, my father took me outside for a better view of the river.

The day was bright. The river was calm and full to the brim. The rays of the morning sun fell on the river, making it glitter. The little waves were making murmuring sounds. Fisher men were catching fish. We enjoyed the natural scenes of the river. There were green fields and rows of trees on the banks of the river. We saw many boys and girls bathing and swimming. Every now and then, few boatmen were seen. They were singing songs in rhythm of their sail movement. Various kinds of birds were flying too. I enjoyed all  these very much.

During noon, the sun was shining with its full glory. It was very hot, so I went inside the cabin. I had my lunch and fell asleep. When I woke up, we were at our destination. I was upset because I missed to see so many things due to my sleep. However, whatever I saw was enough to please me. We got down from the Launch and met my uncle. He came to receive us. On my way to their house, I silently promised myself that the next time I will not fall asleep in the journey.

A journey by Launch is really very pleasant if the weather is favorable. It gives a golden chance to enjoy the beauty of nature.  

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