A madman

A madman
I walk a kilometer or so to school every morning. Sometimes, I come across a mad man dressed in dark dirty clothes. He probably has not had a bath for years. His hair is matted, teeth stained red with betel-nut and eyes blood-shot with the look of madness. I always keep my distance from him for my own safety for I cannot be sure what he might do. Also he smells terrible up close.
It is never pleasant when I see him standing by the roadside. He is by no means violent but he has the nasty habit of following people who pass by. Normally, when I see him I cross over to the other side of the road just to avoid him. Usually that works. Sometimes he crosses the road too. So I run. Fortunately he cannot run very fast and gives up after a while.
One morning, as I crossed the road to avoid him, he tried to cross too. I started to run. He started to run too but tripped on something. He fell down hard on the road and lay there in a heap. I wanted to keep running but I saw that he was in great danger of being run over by a car. So I ran over to him to pull him to the roadside.
As much as I disliked it, I had to help him. The other passers-by did not seem to bother. So I held my breath and pull her by his arms towards the roadside. By now, people and cars had stopped to watch. No one helped but at last I managed to drag him to safety.
He opened his eyes and gave me a smile. I could only stare at him dumbly. Then I turned and hurried to school to wash my hands.
I am going to get a bicycle to cycle to school. It is much faster this way. Also I will not have to deal with the mad man again. 

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