A memorable night

Innumerable days and nights keep coming and going in our life. But not many of them can become memorable. Only those which have special meaning to us stay fresh in our minds. Like everyone else, even I have a few memorable moments in my life. Among them one is the night in which my Grandfather passed away.

My grandfather was very dear to me. He was my second teacher after my mother. He used to reward me with small but lovely gifts whenever I studied well. I was the apple of his eyes. He used to tell me stories every night and made me sleep in his lap.

It was on the month of April, 2006.  I was only 7 then. I did not have much knowledge about death. My grandfather suddenly got very sick. My mother and my father were out for some work. My aunt and I were at home with him.  I called my father and informed him about grandfather’s illness. Pretty soon my parents came back home. Everyone was very scared and panicked.  Father quickly called the ambulance. It was raining heavily then. As if nature knew what was coming and was already mourning for it.

It was about 8 pm. My grandfather was breathing heavily. Seeing him lying in that condition made the back of my eyes sting with tears. I kept on asking mother what happened to him. But my mother replied with nothing but silent tears. I was scared to go close to him at first. But then I saw him waving at me. I went close to him and then heard him whispering something. I went closer and sat on his bed. He held my hand with the little strength that he had left. Then with a very feeble voice he told me to grow up to become a good human being. Those are the only words that I understood from all the things that he said. His very last words to me, in fact, were the last ones uttered from his mouth.

Before the ambulance could reach home, grandfather passed away. I did not understand fully that he died. But all I understood was that grandfather will not talk to me anymore. I, my mother and my aunt all broke into tears. My father slumped into the sofa like a defeated soldier and covered his face with his hands. Somewhere near, the siren of the ambulance was heard. The sound was growing stronger with every passing minute as the ambulance drew nearer.

Grandfather is only a memory now. But I still remember my grandfather’s last words to me and will remember it forever. It was the first most important practical lesson I had in my life. I learnt that no matter what we do, we have to leave the world behind one day. I learnt that no matter how much we love someone, we might lose them any moment. I learnt never to take things for granted as we never know when it will be gone forever. That night was one of the saddest nights of my life. However, it is the most memorable one as it taught me a great deal about the harsh realities of life.

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