A moonlit night

A moonlit night
Rushing past the deep shrubs of Sierra Leone, leaving behind a trail of red dirt and black soot, the only noise I can hear is the continuous rattling and the infrequent squeaking of our aging jeep and few deep howls from the surrounding bushes. The clear, bright moon may resurrect vampires,but I have grown used to these howls during my stay here for the last few weeks, knowing that I have a much bigger threat to tackle – the growing Ebola outbreak. My team of volunteers probably shares the same view as mine, as they completely ignore the howls, and go by their own ways preparing medicines for the hapless.

The jeep comes to a complete halt, finally giving in to its old age, completely shaking me off my drowsiness. Our local driver makes some unsuccessful attempts to revive the dead engine before giving up. I radio message our position to head camp and they tell me to wait here for at least another three hours. As all their jeeps were already dispatched. I can sense a hint of annoyance within my team members as this small delay can extend their stay by a few days. We wait in the silence of the night only to be accompanied by the distant howls and a glowing full moon.

We sit in the complete silence of the moonlight waiting for our ride. Meanwhile the gentle breeze and strange shadows, cast by the moonlight, produce a surreal environment around us. We sit close together and light a camp fire to keep us warm and safe.The moon comfortably sits itself in the corner of the horizon scattering its silver light in a glittery background. One of the volunteers begin explaining us the stars and the galaxies, something I never cared to wonder. But I noticed, I haven’t seen so many stars all at once. The Milky Way galaxy extends the sky as much as I can see. But to me, the most moon is the most beautiful celestial object I have seen.

Next day our ride arrives and we get ready for our journey. The experience of the night refreshed us and will make a good story to tell. 

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