A movie I enjoyed

My hobby is to watch movies. If I start talking about movies I have loved, the list will never end. Now, I’m going to talk about one of the most influential movie watching experiences of my life.

Description and my feelings about it:
The movie I’m going to talk about is “Batman Begins”. It was directed by Christopher Nolan and the lead actor was Christian Bale. As a comic fan and Batman fan, this movie held tremendous interest for me. But it is not the movie itself or the portrayal of the Batman character that touched me; I was astonished by the expertise of Nolan’s storytelling. This portrayal of Batman was gritty and realistic.

The origin of Batman was shown several times in media, but this movie added something special to the character. The dialogue, “Why do we fall, Bruce? So that we learn to pick ourselves up” has a potent inspirational meaning to me.

This movie can be watched solely for enjoyment, but it has a deep meaning for those who watch beyond what’s happening on the screen. The Batman is a crime fighter. He stands up to save his city from injustice even when the police system is corrupt. He stands alone; fights alone even when the city he is fighting for hates him. This taught me you have to stand up for justice even if you are alone. No matter how powerful the evil are, someone standing up before crime is bound to scare them.
The villain in this movie did not actually feel like someone truly evil. He just came off like someone with warped sense of morality. In his eyes, he is the hero and the one working to save the World.
This movie taught me how big the failure might be, learning to stand up again is the best thing you can do. Quitting is not an option. In order to achieve anything in life, you must be willing to sacrifice. Bruce Wayne (Batman) sacrificed his wealth and trained several years to fight injustice. He sacrificed love in fear of putting his loved ones at risk. He did all this knowing he would never get recognition for his actions. 
Bruce Wayne is a psychological wreck. He endured trauma from his childhood after watching his parents die. He dresses up as the animal he fears most to fight crime. But it is what he does for the city that defines him, not his wealth or psychological profile.

I never thought a superhero movie can have such a potent meaning. I still watch the key scenes of this movie whenever I’m feeling down or lost. This inspires and reinvigorates me.

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