A nurse

The tradition of nursing started in the past time by the ever remembered Florence Nightingale. From then on, nursing was determined as an important occupation from humanitarian and medical point of view. A nurse symbolizes service and humanity. It is the noblest profession.

Daily life of a nurse:
My neighbor, Ms. Maria is a nurse by profession. She is an excellent health worker. She is required to do the duty for eight hours daily. The times of working are not fixed. She is to work in different shifts. But mostly she does day shifts from 9am to 5pm. She does night shifts on weekends. She wears a white uniform with a cap on her head. She is very punctual in her work. As she reaches the hospital, she starts looking after the sick. She is called ‘Sister’ generally.

Maria stays very busy during her shift. While taking her first round of the ward, she greets all the patients with a smile. She notes down the temperature of every patient on the chart. She gives the medicines and injection provided by the doctor. Her words of sympathy, love and hope are a big relief to the patients. She is supposed to be with the doctor when he is on round to tell about the condition of each patient. She notes down the medicine and other precautionary measures as prescribed by the doctor. She is to follow the doctor’s instructions very carefully. She sees that the food served to the patient is according to doctor’s advice as she is also responsible for the patient’s diet.
Maria always appreciates her job. According to her, nursing is about providing care and love to people. Nursing integrates science and care. She always takes proper care of her patients by herself and keeps up the reputation of this noble occupation.

Unfortunately, nowadays people are showing an ignorant attitude towards this occupation. If this goes on like this, there will be huge crisis in the medical sector. Moreover, the total medical management of the country might collapse. Thus health crisis, lack of medication etc might occur whose results are devastating.

I think, nursing as a job is the noblest profession. More and more people must join this sector because it not only establishes oneself but also helps to earn much respect. So people like Maria are very precious for the society.  

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