A pen friend

I have always wished to have a friend in a foreign country. I have a pen friend whom I have never seen. Her name is Mary.

How I found her:
The other day I was going through a magazine and came across the addresses of many children from all over the world who wanted to make pen friends. I looked for the name and the country that I liked. I wanted a pen friend in the United States of America as I found the culture of that country very different from ours. At last I found the address of Mary who lives in San Francisco.

She wrote to me as soon as she received my first letter. I was very touched by her warmth and friendliness. Mary loves America a lot. She had never heard much about Bangladesh. She is the only daughter of her mother. Her father died in a car accident when she was 4. Her mother is a doctor. After her school, she stays a lot of time alone in her house. That is why she wanted a pen friend. Her life is not very easy. She wishes that her mother could give her more time.

The result of this honest sharing has made our friendship stronger. I learnt a lot about her culture. Her likes, dislikes, a few secrets and lots of other fun stuff. I realized that she is a sensitive and loving person. I share a lot about my life with her. We give each other a lot of support although we live so far from each other. We always plan to meet sometime in the future, when we grow up.

Having a pen friend is fun. You never see them in person and yet they are so close to you. Mary means a lot to me. She is a great friend. 

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