A public park

Public parks are a feature of the modern city. Now a days, the cities are very crowded and the presence of public parks is a necessity. They give the city dwellers a chance to breathe in the fresh air. People can also enjoy games and recreation here. Public parks are usually maintained by the government.

Public parks are a blessing, especially, in congested cities like Dhaka. Here people can welcome and enjoy the cool breeze which is usually shut out by tall buildings and narrow streets. It is a place where people can enjoy the nature and get refreshed mentally. Some parks are furnished with toy-trains, see-saws, slides, swings, mountain climbers etc. for the children to enjoy themselves. It may also have a lake in one of its sides. Some modern parks also have gymnasium, tennis courts, swimming and cycling facilities.

Activities in the park:
The environment in the park varies with the time of the day. In early morning, old men can be seen to jog around. Some of them sit in the park benches and discuss social or political issues with a friend while others just bury their face in the newspaper. They can also enjoy a steaming cup of tea sold by the hawkers in the park.

During mid-day and late night, the park becomes the sleeping place and shelter for street urchins and tramps. They are also often seen to smoke in groups or absorbed in petty games like cards.

In the afternoon, children come with their parents. Some of the women also bring their infants in perambulators to take a stroll. Cricket, football etc are played. Some enjoy watching these games sitting in the benches. In the evenings, many people, including working men and women come to the park for an evening walk. Sometimes groups of people come here for amusement and a cup of tea. They sit in circles and gossip. 

The park is the busiest during the afternoon and evenings. The general outlook in summer is quite lazy as less people come out due to the heat. In rainy seasons, the park almost looks lifeless as the slippery mud and wet benches makes it impossible for people to come and enjoy. However, in winters, the park swarms with all kinds of people. Badminton is played at this season. Occasionally, tournaments are organized.

In this busy and hectic lifestyle, everyone can use some break. It is necessary for the refreshment of the mind and body. Stuck in the high rise buildings with inadequate air and light can take a toll on one’s health and mental peace. Children also do not get enough space for physical activities. Physical activities are essential for their proper growth and development. Therefore, a regular stroll in the park is necessary for all.

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