A railway porter

A railway porter is a person who works as a day laborer at a railway station. In local language, he is called a ‘coolie’.  His main function is to carry the luggage, parcels, supplies etc. of the passengers at the railway station.

Their life:
Railway porters live a very simple life. They are among the people who are living below the poverty line of our country. They live in slums with their families. Their work is physical and requires a lot of stamina. Hence, railway porters are usually young people who are energetic. They have no shifts. They can work whenever they feel like. When a train arrives at the station, they are seen to run to and fro with the luggage of the passengers. They can easily carry at least 5kg weight on their shoulders. From each client they earn 20-100 taka depending on the amount of goods. They usually work for 6-7 hours at a stretch.
Sometimes the passengers do not settle for the amount of money the porters demand. This might end up in an exchange of rude words between them.

Though many people neglect this job of a railway porter, I think it is a prestigious job because the amount of effort that needs to be put on, is endless.  No job is little and must not be looked down upon. We should respect people as our fellow human beings regardless of their status in the society. 

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