A Spring Morning

Each season has its own beauty, music and features.  Spring is the loveliest of them all. The most beautiful part of day in spring season is the morning. A spring morning is very refreshing and mind blowing. It spreads the message of hope and joy throughout the nature.

When does spring occur and the beauty of it:
The months of Falgun and Chaitra form the spring season in Bangladesh. After the biting cold of winter, spring appears with its welcoming warmth and fills the nature with different array of colors. A spring morning does not have the scorching heat of summer, nor does it have the shivering cold of winter. Instead, it comes with a relaxing, refreshing weather that soothes our minds. The gentle south breeze rejuvenates and pleases us. With the rise of the sun, nature seems to unleash all its beauty for its inhabitants. Nature gifts every barren trees of winter with new leaves. New buds of flowers peek from between the leaves of the trees. Bees swarm and buzz happily around the blooming petals. Mango blossoms rise up in the mango trees and a sweet smell spreads everywhere. This is the season of abundance. Nature gifts mankind with abundant crops and fresh vegetables.

Usually what we observe in a spring morning:
The spring morning is glorified by the presence of beautiful flowers. Every garden becomes full of flowers of various colors and fragrances. The bright red Krishnachura brightens up the whole city. The Kamini, the Hasnahena, the Bakul, the Dahlia make the atmosphere fragrant with their soothing and sweet scents. Various colors of roses, the Beli, the Rajonigondha decorate the nature with their mesmerizing colors and fragrances. Colorful butterflies add more life to this festival of colors.

A spring morning remains incomplete without the melodious song of the cuckoo. It hides itself in the leaves of the trees and sings happily. The melodious notes of its song arouse thrill and romance in human minds. The morning becomes more beautiful by the happy chirping of so many birds. Even the buzzing of bees seems so melodious and calming. Nature seems dreamy and enchanting.

A spring morning is a symbol of youth and romance. Many poets and singers have expressed the beauty of spring with their poems and songs. The soothing morning is a beautiful beginning of a day for every living being. It sends out the message of a new, fresh start and fills every heart with new spirit.

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