A tea-stall

Tea is a traditional and popular drink of Bangladesh. A tea stall is very easily found in our country. It is a very traditional thing of Bangladesh because in early times streets were not so flooded with fast food shops and cafes. All people had, were these little tea stalls for relaxing and chatting. It is a place where hot tea is served. It is open from dawn to very late hours of night.

Where are they found:
A tea stall is found almost everywhere. We can find a tea stall in the corners of the streets, near offices, factories or construction sites, at launch or ferry ports, at railway platforms or bus-stops etc. In villages, tea stalls are found at village fairs or markets. They also have them at every areas of the village. There, these stalls also sell other goods such as confectionary foods, chips etc.
Though a tea stall is a place to enjoy tea, some other snacks are also found here. We can enjoy our tea with snacks like bread, biscuits or a cake. Even goods with negative impacts such as betel leaves or cigarettes are found here. 
A tea stall is usually a really crowded, noisy and dirty place. However, exceptions can be found. It is usually an ill furnished place. Benches or chairs are arranged randomly for the customers to sit and enjoy their tea. There might be a show-case where the snacks are kept.
Often a little boy works there to serve the customers and clean the utensils. The owner of the stall makes tea and collects the money.

Types of customers:
The customers of the stall usually sit there with their friends. They gossip with each other. Even sometimes they chat with other customers about any recent topic. That can be either politics, sports or even movies. These chats sometimes lead to quarrels or even fights. But in general, a tea stall is a very cheap and common place for social gatherings. Day laborers, rickshaw pullers etc. often regard tea stalls as their resting place and use it to refresh themselves after long hours of hard work. It is also very popular among students, specially the boys of course.  Even though it is small and poorly decorated, most people from all classes at some point of their lives have visited it. Sometimes those who do not prefer the environment of the tea stall order their tea whilst they sit in their cars.

A tea stall is not a very pleasant place to be, but it can be a very enjoyable at the times of boredom. After all, conversations and gatherings without a cup is tea is really pale. It can be regarded as very good place to socialize. We can enjoy tea, at the same time we can share thoughts, make friends and release our stress.

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