A teacher

Teachers are called the architect of a nation. They are the ones who build up the young children to be worthy citizens of tomorrow. It is up to them to mould the future generation in the best shape.

Qualities of a teacher:
A person who devotes himself/herself in spreading knowledge and education to young learners is a teacher. A good teacher must be supportive and patient with his/her students. Every student is not the same and neither does everyone have the same potential and speed of learning.

They should be cordial and friendly so that students can come to them for any kind of guidance. They must encourage the students to be sincere with their studies. Teachers who make their lessons interesting and fun to learn are amongst the best ones. They must be creative in their way of teaching so that the students find their lesson interesting.

A teacher is also someone who can shape the character of the students. They must encourage and inspire the young ones to be moral, just and honest.

Teachers play the most important role in building up an educated nation. Without them, the nation would have been submerged in the dark ocean of ignorance. They are the assets of our country. They are the ones whom our young children look up to. Hence, it is up to them to mould the characters of the children and make them better human beings.

Education is the backbone of a nation. Without it, no nation can develop or succeed. Teachers are the ones who spread the light of education among us. Hence, they should be given the utmost regard and respected by every class of people in the society.

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