A vacation I enjoyed

Vacations are the best time to relax and enjoy. In this busy urban life, everyone needs a break to relax and break the monotony of their machine life. It helps to avoid stress and anxieties giving a fresh start to life. All year round I eagerly wait for my summer vacation. 

This year my summer vacation was from 15th may up to 10th June. A fortnight before the summer vacation, my family made the decision of visiting our native village. Some of my friends’ parents allowed them to tag along with us. We all made the preparations beforehand and set out on the planned date. My native village is Chandrapur situated in Bogra district.  My grandparents live there with two of my uncles and their families. We started at 8 AM in the morning and reached at half past 2. After meeting everyone and freshening up, we had our meal. Then we all set out to explore the village.

We bathed in the pond water along with everyone. We climbed up fruit trees and hay stacks which was very fun. We interacted with the villagers and they were very friendly. We stayed there for a week and were treated very cordially by everyone. Every morning we went fishing with my grandfather and twice I caught the biggest fish. We also learned quite a lot on how to make traditional handmade clothes from my grandmother.  It was very fun.

I had some funny experiences too. Me and my friends befriended a few village boys and girls there. One of them showed us how to milk a cow. I tried and accidentally sprayed my face with milk. It gave everyone, including me, a very good laugh. We woke up in the dawn everyday and after fishing with grandfather, headed out to play and explore the village with the native kids.

We would return in the afternoon briefly for lunch.  My grandmother made us mouth watering food everyday. She loves me a lot and fed me with her own hands every time. My friends would giggle seeing me treated like a baby. My grandmother noticed this and after that she insisted on feeding them too. Needless to say, she succeeded. We also had ‘Bogura’s curd’ , which is a famous delicacy of this place.

In the evenings, all of us would sit outside under the moonlit sky and gossip. The ladies usually huddled in one place and gossiped about food, dresses and what not. Grandfather would tell us stories about his past, ghost stories etc. As his stories got scarier, we kept on sitting closer, sometimes holding each other out of fear. In short, each and every moment passed in joy and excitement.

On the departure day, all of us were very upset but hoped to come back again in the next vacation. My mother and grandmother burst out crying. Seeing them we followed suit too. It was very hard to bid farewell to my grandparents, uncles and the village that gave so much to us in just a few days.

Though now I am back to my old life again, the memories and experiences I gained during the vacation are irreplaceable. Those memories still cheer me up and make me smile. It was indeed the vacation that I enjoyed most so far in my life.

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