Arsenic Pollution

Pollution is one of the major problems of Bangladesh. It is a threat to our environment. There are mainly three kinds of pollutions air, water and sound pollution. Arsenic pollution is a recent one added to water pollution.

What is arsenic pollution:
Arsenic is a chemical element and fatal poison. This poison mixes with water, especially with tube-well water and pollutes it. It is detected to be present in large quantities in the shallow tube-well water of many districts of Bangladesh. Nearly all the people are dependent on tube-well water in rural and small urban areas. It is a poisonous material, which when mixed with water, causes severe malfunction of the human body. Many people have been found to be affected by it for drinking water contaminated with arsenic. 

Causes of Arsenic contamination:
There are a number of causes of arsenic pollution. Due to some chemical reactions taking place in the underground, the metal arsenic changes into liquid arsenic and pollutes the soil. This arsenic soil pollutes the underground water which is extracted by tube- well. Another reason of arsenic pollution is the excessive use of tube-well water.

Effects of arsenic pollution:
Arsenic has got some life threatening effects. Different parts of the body such as skin, heart, stomach, liver and kidney are badly affected by it. It can rapidly affect and attack different cells. It can cause the skin to peel-off and rapid hair loss. Constant itching, cough and ophthalmic are also signs of arsenic attack.

Remedies or treatment:
The treatment of arsenic attack is not satisfactory In Bangladesh and available medicine is also very expensive. But first of all it is very necessary that the patients should immediately be removed from the source of arsenic.
Prevention is better than cure. Awareness about arsenic pollution should be created among people. The affected tube-wells must be pointed out and banned for public use. Alternative sources of water should be found out. Instead of using tube-well water, rain water and water of earth surface should be used. Water should be boiled before drinking. 

Arsenic pollution has assumed a serious proportion in Bangladesh. Yet we hope that by dint of the united efforts of the government of Bangladesh and the International organizations this problem can be removed from our country.

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