City life and Village life

Life in every country is divided into two distinguished styles. One is that of the city life, and another is rural or village life. Both lifestyles have their own charms, specialties, pros and cons. 
City life:
City life is somewhat a robotic lifestyle. People in a city are usually very busy with education and career. This is a life of the ambitious. Everyone follows a tight schedule every day. They get up early in the morning, get dressed and rush towards office or school, college or university. The office hours are approximately same everywhere. So, a huge traffic is experienced during this time. But traffic is a common characteristic of city at actually any time. Due to shortage of time, people do their shopping once a month or only in the weekends. Here, male and female are seen to equally participate in everything. Most female members of the family go out for work. Hence, most houses have a maid. The variation of occupation is very huge in here.  Competition is tougher.  This is why people do not get much time to spare for casual socialization unless it is in their interest.
Life in the city is very fast. All the latest trends originate in the city. The latest gadgets and products are released first in the cities. The number of malls and restaurants are overwhelming. Since people are in average well-off, the tendency to spend money is more. They spend a lot on shopping and eating. There are concerts, fairs, modernized theaters, amusement parks, etc. The festivals and occasions are grandly celebrated in the cities. Literacy rate is higher.

Village life:
The village life on the other hand is simple and slow. People are not generally rich. Most of them are engaged in agricultural occupations. They earn less, but sufficient to pass the days. Not much emphasis is placed on education, especially female education. Very few can pursue the higher education. They get up really early to start the day’s activities and go to bed right after the sun sets as most houses don’t have electricity. The slow life gets exciting even during the simplest of occasions. The whole village turns festive during a fair, jatra, religious events or even on the market day.
Here, the relationship between people is warmer and more sincere. People usually have large families, but they successfully maintain all relations. They share each other’s happiness and sorrows even if they are not tied by blood. When there is a wedding, the entire village gets involved in the celebration. They unitedly fight against all odds. It is this unbreakable bond that carries the village people through the hardest of times.

There are disadvantages to both lifestyles. City life is too mechanical. People become so engaged with themselves that they knowingly or unknowingly start severing relations with kith and kins. People become selfish and alone. Restlessness and dissatisfaction are common problems. Also, there is a lot of artificiality in emotions and attitudes. It is greatly influenced by western culture which defies our own culture.
On the other hand, village life is overshadowed by superstitions and illiteracy. Women are valued less, underestimated and tortured. The general lack of high ambition and accepting everything in the name of fate prevent these people from coming out of poverty.
With their pros and cons, both city and village life have their own appeal. It is impossible to decide which is better.  
Climate change in Bangladesh
Nowadays climate change is one of the biggest problem for mankind. It is already happening and represents one of the greatest environmental, social and economic threats facing the planet.

The climate is changing mostly because if the greenhouse effect. The balance of the environment is breaking down for the continuous increase in temperature.  We collect all the elements of our use from nature, but we seldom give anything back. Thus, the natural balance is destroyed. The natural resources are limited and we forget this crucial fact most of the time. Unplanned urbanization and industrialization has affected the world environment negatively. The continuous pollution is also a basic reason for the ongoing climate change. 

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