Essay on the Uses and Abuses of Facebook

You know Facebook has become the most used social and communication site. There are both uses and abuses of it. I’m gonna write essays on the uses and abuses of Facebook for students.

So, let’s learn the essay. After reading the paragraph, you will be able to learn,

What is Facebook
What are the advantages of Facebook?
How does it help a student in his study?
What are its disadvantages?

Uses and Abuses of Facebook in 350 Words

What is Facebook
Facebook is the most popular social networking website. It is now the best communication medium in the world. Here, people can connect to their friends, family members and other people living in the world. It has created a virtual community, where people can communicate with one another and share their joys and sorrows.

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Advantages and Uses of Facebook
Facebook has brought many benefits to us. There are a lot of uses of Facebook. On Facebook, we have to create an account with our email or phone number. Then we can add known people to our friend list. We can communicate with our family, friends and relatives by sending messages or making a call easily without any cost. We can also know about the activities of friends. We are able to store and share our photos and videos on Facebook.

It is made various opportunities for the business world. A businessman can easily promote his products or services to potential customers through a Facebook page. Customers and buyers also find it easy to search for necessary products and know about them. Traditional marketing has already changed to digital marketing.

In education, Facebook is a good platform, where students can connect to other students and teachers. They can share their learning and find their answers from other students or teachers. They can connect with great educators, teachers and inventors who always share new things. Thus students can learn new and good things from Facebook.

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Disadvantages and Abuses of Facebook
On the other hand, there are some abuses of Facebook too. It kills our valuable time. It is now seen many youths use Facebook without sleeping at night. Addiction to using Facebook is injurious to our health.

People share wrong, false and hateful status or news that causes the violation to other people. Sometimes, cybercriminals cause harm using your private information.

Through Facebook, people know about the different cultures of different communities. Sometimes, people forget their own cultures. They start practising other cultures. Thus Facebook may cause a cultural assault breaking our own cultures.

Though the usefulness of Facebook is more than its abuses of that, we must be careful of using this social media.

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