Population Problem in Bangladesh Composition

Population Problem
The population is not a problem but a great asset to a country. When a country can not provide its population with their basic needs, then the population becomes a problem. It also breeds other problems.

In Bangladesh, overpopulation is the main problem. Bangladesh has a population of 18 crores in a small area of 1,47,570 square kilometers. The density of population is about 1104 per square km which is one of the biggest figures in the world. In spite of that, about 2 million new babies are born every year in the country.
There are many causes of the increasing population so rapidly. Firstly poverty is believed the main reason for it. Secondly, child labour is responsible for it. Thirdly, reducing mortality rate is also responsible for overpopulation. Besides, lack of consciousness also causes population problem.
 There are many bad impacts of population problem. It creates a lot of problems. Additional people need additional food, clothes, medical facilities, houses, seat in school and work opportunities. So, it creates food problems, medical problems, employment problems, habitation problem etc. A poor country like Bangladesh is unable to meet the increased demand of increased people. Moreover, as unemployment is increasing day by day, many illegal activities are increasing. The law and order situation is going out of control. The price of commodities is rising because of increased demand.
To control population growth in Bangladesh, the government should come forward to ensure education to all. We should encourage each family to have no more than 2 children. Public awareness programs must be taken to make people aware of the bad impacts of overpopulation

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