Essay on Childhood Memories

Essay on Childhood Memories
Memory is a vital irreplaceable component of our body. Without our memory, leading our lives is quite impossible. It helps in running our lives smoothly. Childhood memories are the experiences, happenings and knowledge we faced or gathered in our childhood days. Childhood is the sweetest period of our life so memories of childhood remain evergreen to us.

Importance of Childhood Memories
Childhood memories are vital in our lives. They make us remember the happiest and simplest times of our lives. They shape our thinking and future. If one has good childhood memories, he get older to be happy. However, if one has traumatic childhood memories, it affects his adult life gravely.

Old memories don’t necessarily define us but surely play an excellent role in our later life.

It’s not important that somebody with traumatic childhood memories may end up to be not well. People get past their traumatic experiences and grow as citizenry . But, these memories play an excellent role during this process also .

Childhood memories keep the inner child of a person alive. Moreover, it becomes a reason for our smiles in adult life.

My Childhood Memories
I hardly remember what happened during the last few years of my life. I can clearly remember almost all the incidents of my childhood. I grew up in really a loving family. I had three siblings. My grandmother was especially fond of me because I looked so pretty and lovely as she said. I remember clearly that my grandmother and father often took me to the doctor’s chamber when I became sick. When I became ill, I remember clearly that my mother often sat beside me prayed to Allah for my recovery.

I can also remember my first day at school. I was then six years old. My father took me to a primary school near our home. I wore new school dress with new bag. My excitement knew no bound. There I was admitted to class 1. I was already taught alphabet at home with my mothers help. I have the saddest day to be remembered when my grandmother died. I was then 19 years old. My mother and father was weeping bitterly and my uncle was crying. I burst into a loud cry. Even now my eyes get wet with tears when I remember my grandmother.

I remember very fondly the games we use to play with friends. Every day we played different games, for instance, cricket, football, hide and seek . These memories of playing within the park are very dear to me.

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